The Wedding Photographs


Yeah! After a terribly long 7 week wait- we finally got to see our official wedding photographs by Cari. Herself, Emile and Rebecca did an amazing job- go and see more here (if you have  not already)- we love all of them. What a great way to start a Monday!

Today is also bittersweet, since it will be our last post on our wedding blog. A big thank you to everyone who contributed and added to our special memories.

We have not forgotten about formal thank-you’s, so as soon as we receive our high res images you can expect us for a visit with big hugs and wedding album in hand!

Cari_1 Cari_2


Cari_3 Cari_4 Cari_5 Cari_6  Cari_8

xxx Sasha and Angus (7- week- year -old -newly -weds)


100th Post| Frequently Asked Questions

The Wedding Day 1.1The Wedding Day 2.2

YEAH! Finally we have reached the 100th post. We intended this post to be the day before our wedding- but things got so busy! There was no time to do anything else other than wedding day prep. Yes, even if you plan way in advance, the last week to 3 days before the big day is intense!

Here are the questions we get asked quite often since the wedding day has passed:

1. THE number one question is: how are we finding married life?

A: Interesting and fun. It is what I have always wanted.

S: I am still coming to terms with not being at home where I had more closet space, an annoying brother and a Mom to cook meals. It is great fun though, being with my favourite person everyday.

2.  How was your honeymoon and where did you go?

A & S: The honeymoon was wonderful (post to follow shortly). We had a great time being alone and getting a chance to relax after all the wedding mayhem. We spent our wedding night at the Vineyard Hotel. We loved it there and were treated like royalty. The next day we went off to Hermanus where we spent the night at The Bamboo House. We really enjoyed it there and wished we booked for longer … The following day we drove to Knysna. We stayed for three nights at the Turbine Hotel on Thesen Island. We had a great time filling each day with activities, like cycling, visiting the elephants, boat rides, kayaking, swimming, and shopping of course.

3. Do you have your wedding photographs yet?

A & S: No we have not got them yet. We are as eager and anxious to see them as everyone else but we will only get them in about 6-8 weeks. (As of this post say another 3 weeks…)

4. When are you planning to have children and how many?

S: In about 3 years and only one.

A: Preferably in 2 years time and 2 children…two girls (Chloe and Zoe).



Anyway, the big day is over and above are a few snaps taken by our friends as a reminder of how awesome the day was. (If anyone else has a few we have not seen please send our way). Also if you have any other questions ask away…

xxx Angus and Sasha


99|Post The Wedding

Retro Photobooth

Hello everyone! We are back and about two weeks ago it was our wedding! It was the most wonderful day ever. We hope all our guests will agree,  if we all could, we would  relive it again and again and again…

For the past year this blog has mostly been about ourselves and our wedding planning- a wedding blog. Now, since the big day has passed we have so much to share pre and post the wedding day. The last few days leading up to the wedding was so busy we did not have a chance to process much- everything was such a  blur… so, over the next couple of days you can expect:

  • the ‘frequently asked questions’ post with a few wedding snaps taken by our friends and family
  • our stay at the Vineyard Hotel
  • opening our gifts
  • the Honeymoon, etc.
  • and transitioning from a wedding blog to a newly wed’s blog!

Yes, we do not intend to ‘end’ our blog as yet. We have had such a great time  sharing parts of our planning and experiences over the past year, so it is only fair to carry on with the sequel! We however, completely understand if a few readers will prefer to stop following our blog- since our content will not be relevant to weddings anymore. A special thank you to everyone who enjoyed this journey with us.

xxx Angus and Sasha

P.S. The photo strips above are from the photo booth sessions on our Wedding Day, by The Retro Photobooth. You can view some of the other strips taken on the night here . If you would like to see the rest of them, you will have to come over for tea to see our fun guestbook!

98th Post and 4 days to go


As I write this, I really cannot believe that there are only 4 days left till our big day. Angus and I have been so busy with last minute prep for the reception venue and a few things around the home that we have neglected our little wedding blog. We do have a fun post planned (our 99th) where we will answer all the ‘frequently asked questions’ we have received over the past few years and this past year. The questions and answers were meant to be combined with today’s where we showcase all our other favourite photographs taken by Cari and Stephanie.

These are a few- there are so many to chose- that are also my favourite candid moments…

Cari Shoot 1

Petit Fours from Cassis and a snap of my ‘stand in’ engagement ring for the day


Angus favourite part of the day- eating all the Petit Fours from Cassis

Cari Shoot 3

 We had such great fun and laughs with Cari and Steph on the shoot- our tummies were quite sore after

Cari Shoot 4

Angus’ and his serious face with the small frown and his big smile


Strolling down to Longbeach makes me wonder how will I do it in my wedding dress???

Cari Shoot 2

These make me think we were somewhere really far away- some dessert island…


We cannot wait to share our day with all our loved ones and friends!

This past weekend we recieved  help from friends and a surprise visit with words of encouragement. A special thank you goes out to:

Jill, Kim, Merlyn, Beth, Meryl, Nicole, Erin, Mateena, Zainub, Noorjehaan and Monique.

xxx Sasha (and Angus)

The Hair and Make-Up Trial

Make-Up 1

It is quite scary thinking about how quickly this past year, few months, weeks and days have gone by. I can confidently say that Angus and I have savoured every moment- good and bad; and the good has definitely outweighed the bad!

With a little less that 9 days to I thought I would quickly share some of the photographs taken by my dear friend Kim at my hair and make-up trial the Sunday before last. Lindsey Boucher is the hair and make-up artist who will be creating my look for the big day. I really wanted a soft, feminine look that will compliment my dress. (Lindsey was recommended by Robyn and Michelle- go and see more of her gorgeous work here).


Lindsey used mostly a range of MAC products for my foundation, eyes and cheeks. She then used an Estee Lauder lipstick called “Rose Tea” (I love that name) and a nude Revlon gloss called “Polished Up 005”.

Then she went onto do my hair…


She curled my hair first, applying hair spray as she went along. The she swept my hair to the side, and made a braid at the base of my head. She secured it with bobby pins and a hair flower. She then curled my fringe and teased the hair on my crown abit- so that it does not have that ‘perfect-stiff-hair-sprayed-do’ look.

Make-Up 1-2

When she was done I was so ready to put on my dress and walk down the aisle…

I also could not resist taking a few images of Lindsey’s artwork, drawings, trinkets, her daughter’s room and her love of bunnies all around her home.

Make-Up 1-13

Make-Up 1-25

Make-Up 1-14

Make-Up 1-12

Make-Up 1-24

xxx Sasha (and Angus)

A special thank you to Kim for capturing and spending the afternoon with me.